To evolve in a space where the West meets Asia, where the two comes together for a

cuisine in a perfect balance of tastes & textures!


Nem cuốn tôm và xoài             

Mango salsa with prawn roll, lightly spicy                           155 000


Nộm bưởi tôm                 

Grape-fruit salad with prawns, tamarind sauce                    197 000


Nộm ngó sen dứa với vịt nướng

Grilled duck salad, lotus roots, pineapple, cinnamon basil      138 000



Phở gan ngỗng                                              

“Pho” foie gras and lemongrass                                            168 000


Tôm kho tộ                                                   

Braised caramelized prawn in clay pot                                 233 000


Bò bao mía nướng

Beef kebab in cane sugar, black rice sauce                               225 000


Vịt 3 kiểu                                            

Duck 3 ways: grilled, satay, “Nem”, tamarind juice              275 000


Rau hầm trong lá sen

All our Vegetables in Papillote, cinnamon basil                   117 000

Braised on lotus leaf


Món tráng miệng đặc biệt

All Madame Hien’s dessert in one tray                                 135 000