To evolve in a space where the West meets Asia, where the two comes together for a

cuisine in a perfect balance of tastes & textures!

20 Years in Vietnam…


-          Arrival to Vietnam, oversees the re-opening of Sofitel Metropole Hanoi.


-          Works in Cambodia, as a consultant for the Indochina region (including the Metropole).


-          Returns to Vietnam, launches the Spices Garden restaurant.


-          Cooks for French President H. E. Jacques Chirac during the Francophone Summit.



-          Decoration with National Order of Merit by French President Jacques Chirac


-          Publication – « Vietnamese cuisine, Hanoi of yesterday and today » (with 80 recipes of mainly Hanoi’s old dishes)


-          Cooks for United States President H.E. Williams Jefferson Clinton (official reception)

-          Cooks for Russian President H.E. Vladimir Putin (official reception)


-          Publication –  « Pho » booklet

-          Cooks for the Queen of Spain (official reception)

-          Cooks for the President of China, H.E. Yang Zi Min (official reception)


-          Publication – « Viet home cooking » (co-author with Robert Carmack and Nguyen Thanh Van)

-          Publication – « Cooking with chef Didier »

-          Participation in « 7th Food and Wine Festival » at the Ritz Carlton Hotel – Singapore

-          Award - Chef of the Month in October 2003 by

-            Cooks for President of Indonesia, H.E. Megawati Sukarnoputri (official reception)

-          Cooks for President of Cuba, H. E. Fidel Castro (official reception)

-          Publication – « Didier Corlou’s Vietnamese Cuisine »

-          Decoration – « Medal of art and literature » by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication


-          Publication -  « Nuoc Mam » booklet

-          Decoration – Golden Bernarche by ACCOR

-          Award – Master Chef of France

-          Finalist of  « Best Chef of Restaurant and Hotel Hospitality in the World Awards 2004 »

-          Participation in « Vietnamese new savour » festival at Sofitel Porte de Sèvres in Paris

-          Participation in « Vietnamese new savour » festival at Sofitel Philadelphia in United States

-          Participation in « Vietnamese new savour » festival at Sofitel Silom Bangkok – Thailand

-          Cooks for French President, H.E. Jacques Chirac (official reception)

-          Cooking for the King and Queen of Norway

-          Cooking for Prime Minister of Japan H.E. Junichiro Koizumi

-          Certificate granted by the Federation of Vietnam for UNESCO


-          Decoration – Vietnam’s folkloric culture medal by the Association of Folkloric Culture of Vietnam

-          Award - « Didier Corlou’s Vietnamese Cuisine » is awarded Best Asian Cuisine Book in the world by The Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

-        Participation in « Vietnamese new savour » festival at La Hacienda de los Morales restaurant in Mexico


-        work as consultant for Sofitel and Metropole in South Asia


-        Cooks for French President, H.E. Nicolas Sarkozy (official reception) in Beijing

-          Publication  « Verticale of Spices » book

-          Cooks in Cambodia for the “international Golf Tournament” Gala Dinner

-          Opening of La Verticale restaurant, French fusion Vietnamese restaurant with spices

-          La Verticale award a place on the classement of the “100 best restaurant” in Asia

-          passion for the spice and creation of new mix

-          opening of the Corlou Catering, first independent catering in Vietnam


-          gold list “Food and Wine” magazine USA

-          restaurant and meeting place of the actors and artist like Costa Grava, Schoendorfer…, during the Hanoi Movie Festival


-          cooks for the Swiss President, H.E. Pascal Couchepin in La Verticale

-          cooks with his catering for the German Chancelor, H.E. Gerard Schoeder and for Hermes company in the Hanoi Opera House

-          cooks for some Gala Dinner in China, HYATT Shanghai, Beijing…

-          Chef for the APEC summit with the presence of 32 Presidents.


-          Cooking for the King and Queen of Danemark in the Hanoi Danish residence

-          welcome some show biz and politic personality in La Verticale restaurant, Johnny Haliday, the Philippin President, H.E. Benigno S. Aquino III…

-          Publication  « In the Heart of Hanoi and Halong» and “5 Seasons” booklet

-          cooks as guest chef in Hangar 7, Austria, with the selection of the 12 best chefs in the world by Hangar 7 consortium


-          guest chef in the Westin Beijing for a Gala Exhibition Chef Dinner

-          TV and international media apparition

-          Guest Chef for presentation and spices for the opening of a Vietnamese restaurant in Dubai

-          conference in Paris “ salt and pepper” with


-          opening of DC Bistro Boutique, wine shop and French style Bistro Cuisine

-          writes a book in partnership with Marie Anne Page 30 years around the world

-          conference in Paris “Saveurs saisons” and presentation of the new book

-          President of the Bocuse d’Or Vietnam and first participation of a Vietnamese candidate in Asia Bocuse d’Or


-          Opening of Portes d’Annam in early April, Vietnamese with spice

-          General Assembly of the “Maitre Cuisinier de France” in France in March

-          President of the jury for a National contest in Marocco in Mai

-          Escoffier events in October in Shanghai with M. Yves Thuries