To evolve in a space where the West meets Asia, where the two comes together for a

cuisine in a perfect balance of tastes & textures!

Madame Hiên - why?

"€œThis restaurant is a dedication to my wife'€™s grandmother and to all Vietnamese women of the past and the present.

It is also a tribute to their way of cooking, their ancestral culture and the artisanal and regional knowledge of over one thousand years.

The rich diversity of Vietnam, found in its two deltas, fifty four minorities, three thousand kilometers of coastline and many natural resources (rivers, forests, mountains and oceans) is reflected in its cuisine.

Discover Mother’s cuisine through the perfume of the 36 streets"€

Didier Corlou

15 Chan Cam, Hanoi, Vietnam
Open every day from 10:30am to 11pm
Close for Tet only.