To evolve in a space where the West meets Asia, where the two comes together for a

cuisine in a perfect balance of tastes & textures!

A la carte



       Cold starters


Tomato         146.000

Niçois spirit, « ratatouille », poached egg

Seabass 166.000

Tartar with almond and seaweed, « blanc manger »

mackerel   156.000

Compotée, escabèche and Tam Ky pepper

Terrine       128.000

Homemade, duck compote, apple « en l’air », Hanoi 5 spices

Moment great composed salad available (mozzarela, olive, ham, tomato…)


     Hot starters


Fish        192.000

Soup, Port-Louis spices, scallop crumble

Prawn  166.000

Feuilleté, mushroom, asparagus and crispy onion

foie gras     247.000

Pan fried, mango raviol and highland green tea

                     Can be serve pan fried with apples

Pho         252.000

« Périgourdin » spirit, foie gras, cave mushrooms...



Fish and shellfish


Seabass 296.000

Treasure of the sea, chorizo, Saigon Marseille spices

cod         382.000

Smoke highland green tea and ginger

ocean  284.000

Plancha, Saigon Marseille spices, tomato, orange

lobster        528.000

Vanilla caramel and green rice, Siam fragrance

     Meat and poultry


Duck      326.000

Verticale, 5 perfumes sauce, breast, confit, foie gras...

Lamb      376.000

Charlotte and great rib, mint freshness, Hanoi Tanger

Pork      342.000

Caramelized, crispy breast, chestnut and wild pepper

beef       386.000

Yin and Yang, lemongrass stick, mango chutney

Rib eyes, can be serve in tradition, Béarnaise or pepper sauce, homemade French fries

Also in tartar cut by knife...       


cHEESE 156.000

Corlou, from fresh to old in variation  

Fruits   132.000

Mekong Delta and homemade sorbet

Rum        142.000

« Baba » and small grapes, confit pineapple    

Young rice          162.000

Crème brulée, crispy and ice cream

Banana         152.000

« Tatin » style, spices caramel ice cream

Red fruits  176.000

Soft cake, lime cream, crispy black sesame

Green tea  188.000

Thai Nguyen, in dreamhood, soft and cream

Chocolate 198.000

Half-cooked « mother recipe» and soufflé

Great dessert  246.000

Three degustations, depend of the moment and the chef