To evolve in a space where the West meets Asia, where the two comes together for a

cuisine in a perfect balance of tastes & textures!

A la carte



         Cold Starters


  Garden in shaker  135.000

  Chilled peas,  « Niçois » spirit, seeds jelly, Halong curry oil

  Structures  176.000

  Of seabass in blanc manger, escabèche, tartar, « mendiant », coriander

  Iodized journey  166.000

  Mackerel in acidulate « compoté », Tam Ky pepper, seaweed

  The force of the tradition   147.000

  In home made terrine and duck rillette, apple « en l’air », Hanoi 5 spices


  Hot Starters


  Broth lightly spicy  162.000

  Great tiger prawns, red seaweed, coconut pulp, lemongrass

  From lorient to l’orient  187.000

  Leafless Artichoke Camus, clams in their broth, coriander seeds

    Chef specialty since years…

  green tea bitter  247.000

  For a stir fried foie gras, mango raviole, daïkon in soya, cinnamon basilic




  Fish and Shellfish


  From the cold sea  380.000

  Lacquered with tamarind, cod fish in Yin and Yang scallop, Port-Louis spices

  Abondant in our costs  382.000

  Red tuna in lemongrass string, passion fruits, crispy cabbage

  All our fish and shellfish  330.000

  Grilled in the Plancha, Hanoi Tanger spices « rouille »

  Queen of the hot sea  580.000

  The Lobster from here in vanilla, green rice with coconut

    Chef specialty since more than 30 years...


  Meat and Poultry



  From our farm  385.000

  Muscovy duck with orange in Verticale, grated cacao « Maroue »

  « Nougat » caramelized  342.000

  Crispy pork, grilled clams, Tonkin garlic, wild pepper

  Pasture of Victoria  585.000

  Beef in tournedos, confit shallots, Merlot reduction, crush potato with mustard   



         From Mékong delta             132.000

                 The moment fruits, fresh, coulis, sorbet and confit

  Rum from center vietnam   162.000

  For a « Baba », small grapes and pineapple 

  Ricefield of Young rice  173.000

  Unripe, in crème brulée and ice cream

  Acidulate red fruits  176.000

  In soft cake, lemon cream, crispy in black sesame

  Grated cinnamon « Cassia »  198.000

  For a 75% Equatorial chocolate, « a child memory »

  3 dessert  246.000

  In tasting, depend of your taste