To evolve in a space where the West meets Asia, where the two comes together for a

cuisine in a perfect balance of tastes & textures!

A la carte


            crab            166.000

  In « Bisque », soft shell crab and Halong curry

  Prawn  176.000

  In roll, foie gras and asparagus, apple grelette

  maCKEREL  156.000

  In « compotée », seaweed and rhubarb, Tam Ky pepper

  SCALLOP  256.000

  And ephemera oyster, soft, herring caviar, nectar

  saLMON  196.000

  Scottish, feuilleté in 3 sesame, mint chlorophylle

  foie gras  264.000

  Of duck, mango raviole and highland green tea

  Pho  212.000

  In foie gras broth, Autumn spirit


Fish and Shellfish

  SEABASS   326.000

  Treasure of the sea, chorizo and Saigon Marseille spices

  cOD  442.000

  In smoke highland green tea and ginger

  ocEAN  264.000

  In plancha, Tanger Hanoi spices, tomato, citrus

  lOBSTER  528.000

  Vanilla caramel and young rice, Siam perfum


Meat and Poultry


  DUCK  326.000

  Muscovy, In Verticale with tamarind, minority spices

  bEEF  548.000

  Yin and Yang, lemongrass stick, mango chutney

  FARMER PORK  312.000

  Caramélized, crispy breast, chestnut and wild pepper



            FRUITS            132.000

                                From Delta Mekong and homemade sorbet

  Rum  142.000

  In « Baba » style, small grapes and confit pineapple 

  YOUNG RICE  162.000

  In crème brulée, crispy and its ice cream

  APPLE  168.000

  Salty butter caramel, Britany spirit, cinnamon

  GREEN TEA  188.000

  From Tai Nguyen, in Dreamhood, soft and cream

  ChocolatE  246.000

  From half-cooked « mother recipe » to « soufflé »

  GrEAT dessert  264.000

  Following the moment and the chef