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Chef's Spices

In Vietnam, people don't talk a lot about spices, Vietnamese people prefer herbs and nuoc mam and some fresh spices such as gingember, curcuma, chilli and pepper.

But what people usually don't know is that Vietnamese minorities cook and treat diseases with spices since very long time, for example with talauma or pepper from mountain tops. Most popular spices of the minorities are black cardamom and star anise which are only on cloudy plateaux from the North.

There are two ranges of spices at Verticale. The first one are spices that are usually used in daily Vietnamese cuisine (cinnamon, nuoc mam, star anise, turmeric, ginger...). The second range are rare spices that come from remote regions, mountains or from the minorities.

The following spices are available at La Verticale shop.
Some of them are available at La Verticale only!
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We have a lot of rare spices, they are:

  • Wild honey
  • Two gingers honey
  • Ginger and citrus honey
  • 5 spices Tonkin honey
  • Nuoc mam 15 years
  • Nuoc mam salt
  • Pollen from the forest
  • Fresh star anise (anise of 15 years in general)
  • Fresh coriander seeds in salted water (also called Caviar from the gardens),
  • Ambrette
  • Wild pepper (also called pepper from mountain tops)
  • Pepper from Phu Quoc Island
  • Minorities spice
  • Talauma


It'€™s a rare spice from a tree that can reach 20m high found in the North Vietnam. The picking is in September and October. This tree is threatened because of its precious wood, the cutting of its wood continues although the government is banning it. The seeds of this tree have to be on the market and people have to say about the problem to save the species.

The Talauma seed (that women like its little anise smell) is used in cooking by populations in the mountains for game and buffalo meal.
I use the Talauma powder with braised foie fras or for veal sweetbread. Of course it's ideal for game. I have a friend that put it on the scallop. I find that on fish it calls for travel…"


Some of these spices are usually used in daily Vietnamese cuisine and the others only at La Verticale...

SpicesIngredientsHow to useWeightPrice
Cinnamon (Cannelle) Soft from North Vietnam
For dessert
and marinated meat and fish
25gr 3.5USD
Curry d'€™Halong Coriander, turmeric, star anise, spices
For fish and seafood
good for sauce
25gr 3.5USD
Pho€ Anise, cinnamon, ginger, black cardamom
For “pho” soup, sauted beef
and seasoning steak
25gr 3.5USD
Retour des minorités
Talauma, wild pepper, black cardamom,
minorities’ spicies
For marinated and seasoning pork
and venison
25gr 4.5USD
Hanoi 5 spices
Anise, cinnamon, black
cardamom, pepper, ginger
For seasoning, marinated
and roasted pork, veal
25gr 3.5USD
Nuoc mam€ salt From Cat Hai For last minute salad and fish 25gr 3.5USD
Chilli salt Red chilli from Center Vietnam For raw vegetable and green fruits 25gr 3.5USD
Corlou 3 peppers
Wild pepper, white and black
pepper from Phu Quoc
To crush last minute on salad, meat 80gr 4.5USD
Coriander (Coriandre) Selected from North Vietnam Good for salad and fish 25gr 3.5USD
Turmeric (Curcuma) Selected from North Vietnam Good for fish, colored sauce and rice 25gr 3.5USD
Red Chilli (Piment fort) From Center Vietnam To spice your sauce 25gr 3.5USD
Star anise (Badiance) From North Vietnam Good for fish, consommé and dessert 25gr 3.5USD
Clous de girofle (Clove) From North Vietnam For soup and marinated meat 25gr 3.5USD
Black cardamom Light spice from North Vietnam For soup, sauted beef and pork 25gr 3.5USD
Ginger (Gingembre) From North Vietnam For seafood, fish and sauted vegetable 25gr 4.5USD
€œBlack sesame From North Vietnam For salad and dessert 25gr 3.5USD
White sesame From North Vietnam For salad and dessert 25gr 3.5USD


The last secrets from the DC's laboratory:

  • Minority salt
  • Fresh star anis in alcohol
  • Nha Trang salt (Seaweed and salt)
  • Red Apron salt (Merlot red wine and salt)
  • Pagoda salt (White seasame, peanuts and salt)
  • Soya salt (Soya and salt)


We would like to introduce you Helvetas :

The Swiss Intercooporation was founded in 1955 as the first private Swiss organisation for development cooperation. Helvetas is a not for profit, non partisan, politically and denominationally independent association supported by 43,000 members.

They implemented the "Eco-cocoa program" in Vietnam, for an organic and fair-trade cocoa :

The objective of this program is to increase the living standards of the rural population in the southern regions of Vietnam and to contribute to establish sustainable certified cocoa value chains inselected provinces of the Mekong River delta area (Tien Giang and Ben Tre).

We support Helvetas and if you would like to get a fair-trade cocoa from Vietnam, we sell it at La Verticale.