To evolve in a space where the West meets Asia, where the two comes together for a

cuisine in a perfect balance of tastes & textures!


Born at Hennebont, in the Morbihan region, Brittany, Didier Corlou is no armchair traveller. He finished his training when he was seventeen, put in three years in some French inns and restaurants then headed off to explore the world, and in the process became enchanted with the exotic spices and fruits of Africa, Asia and distant islands.

His travels saw him cooking for presidents in Africa, show biz stars in Bora Bora, royalty in Malaysia, the king of Cambodia, and he has now worked across the globe, including though Africa, Polynesia, Indian Ocean, the Caribbeans and Southeast Asia.

His pleasure resides in mixing French ingredients with Vietnamese taste for creating new tastes. Examples: grilled duck foie gras with lemongrass, spring roll with truffles, « banh cuon » with caviar and salmon roes, braised « calang » in papillote with turmeric, crab cannelloni with sea urchin nectar, rock lobster in fish bladder, pork nougat with caramel, caramelised cream with young rice… These creative dishes draw their inspiration from the tradition of French and Vietnamese cuisines, by combining with new ingredients: wild peppers and peppers from Phu Quoc, bees’ pollen, ambrette seeds, « nuoc mam » salt flower, essential oils of Hanoi’s herbs. This new concept of Vietnamese cuisine has followed Didier Corlou’s steps to different culinary promotions held abroad (Singapore, France, United States, Thailand, Mexico and Australia in the near future)

First foreign Chef who comes back in Vietnam after the war, his target is to promote and give back the stars of the Vietnamese cuisine. Focus on the transmission it is with pleasure that he takes some young cooks to train and give something.