To evolve in a space where the West meets Asia, where the two comes together for a

cuisine in a perfect balance of tastes & textures!


Các loại khai vị

« Hors d’œuvre » tray, Hien’ tapas style                                                                          156.000


Sa lát / Salad

            Nộm đu đủ

Green papaya, dry beef, Hanoi streets speciality                                                                                                                     106.000


Nộm hoa chuối

Banana flower, chicken, sesame                                                                                                                116.000


            Sa lát bưởi

Pomelo in ocean freshness, sesame and « Rau Ram »                                                                 136.000


            Sa lát

Composed, depend of the season (tomato, cucumber, avocado, banana flower…)                                         89.000


Nem cuốn tươi / Fresh roll

            Nem cuốn tôm

Prawn, rice noodles, peanuts                                                                                                                     66.000


            Nem cuốn tôm và xoài

Mango salsa, prawn, light spicy                                                                                                                82.000


            Pho cuon

Beef in Pho noodles, salad                                                                                                                         98.000


            Các loại nem cuốn tươi

Assorted fresh roll                                                                                                                                 110.000


Bánh cuốn / Steam rice pancake

            Bánh cuốn cổ truyền

Traditional with pork and mushrooms                                                                                                      78.000


            Bánh cuốn nấm

In 3 mushrooms and shallots                                                                                                                  66.000


            Bánh cuốn cua

With crab and Halong curry                                                                                                                     98.000


Các loại bánh cuốn                 

Assorted steam rice pancake (pork, mushroom and crab)                                                                           110.000


Món rán / Fried roll

            Nem rán Hà Nội

Hanoi, pork, mushrooms and noodles                                                                                                       88.000


            Nem cua bấy

Soft shell crab in double crispy                                                                                                              147.000


            Nem rán tôm với là bạc hà

Prawn in 2 structures, mint                                                                                                                     116.000


          Nem cuốn kiểu Verticale

Verticale of roll, in fresh, steam and fried                                                                                           148.000


Xúp  / Soup

            Phở bò

« Pho » beef « Pot au Feu » style                         Small bowl                               110.000                 Tall bowl      143.000


            Phở gan ngỗng

« Pho » foie gras de canard et citronnelle            Small bowl                               142.000                 Tall bowl      174.000


            Bún bò

« Bun » beef, Hué style, local herbs                    Small bowl                               122.000                 Tall bowl      153.000


            Bún riêu

Small ricefield crab noodles “Bun”, tomatoes                                                                                        116.000


            Xúp măng tây truyền thống

Asparagus and white egg, in the Hanoi tradition                                                                                        137.000


Cá và Hải Sản / Fish and Shell Fish


            Tôm kho tộ

Tiger prawns caramelized in clay pot and citrus                                                                                                                    198.000


            Chả cá

Grilled fish with Galangal, serve with « Bun » noodles                                                                               154.000


            Cá quả

Rice field Perch fried in young rice, sweet and sour sauce                                                                        154.000


            Cá vược nướng gói  lá chuối

Seabass in banana leaf, 5 flavors                                                                                                              176.000



Squid sauteed with vegetables and 3 pepper                                                                           198.000


            Hải sản nướng trong ngày

Catch of the day, depend of the moment incoming                                                      286.000


            Các, Loại, Thịt / Meat and Poultry


            Vịt 3 kiểu

Duck in 3 ways : grilled, satay, foie gras...                                                                                                                                       235.000


            Gà xiên nướng lá chanh

Chicken in skewer, grilled in lemon leaf                                                                                                   176.000



Beef sauteed with pepper and moment vegetables                                                                                      242.000


            Bún Bò Nam Bộ

Beef sauteed, serv with « Bun » noodles, salad, peanuts and Nuoc Mam sauce                                                136.000


            Bún chả

Pork marinated in caramel, grilled, serve with « Bun »                                                                                       136.000


            Sườn heo quay

Pork ribs lacquered with honey and Hanoi 5 spices                                                                                                               167.000


            Mâm cơm Hiên’ (canh, món chính, món xào, rau)        

Hien’ family tray                                                                                             233.000

Salad, moment fish & meat, vegetables, broth…


Cơm, mì, rau / Rice, Noodles, Vegetables


Cơm chiên trứng và rau                               

Rice Cantonese style, vegetables and egg       96 000


            Cơm rang nhà hàng Hiên

Rice Hien’ sautéed with chicken and prawn 110.000


            Mỳ xào

Noodles mix sautéed (beef, prawn, vegetables…) 132.000


            Đậu phụ

Tofu in casserole with eggplants                      95.000


            Đậu phụ

Fried tofu, tomato, local herbs                  86.000


            Rau xào

Moment vegetables braised, oyster sauce        84.000


Nấm xào với 5 gia vị 

Mushrooms casserole in 5 spices            117 000


Rau hầm trong lá sen           

Vegetables papillotte, cinnamon basilic    127 000




            Pho mai Corlou

Cheese Le Corlou, fresh with black rice wine                                                                                 85.000


            Hoa quả tươi

Fresh fruits on the cut and sorbet                                                                                                     74.000



Mango in « crème prise », coconut milk                                                                                             82.000


            Sô cô la

Chocolate in soft cake and passion cream, vanilla ice cream                                                                                116.000



Autour de la banane, moelleux, poêlé, nem...                                                                                                           92.000


            Kem cháy

Young rice in crème brulé and green rice ice cream                                                                        105.000


            Bánh trà xanh với kem

Green tea in soft cake and ice cream                                                                                                106.000


            Chè thập cẩm với kem dừa

« Chè » mix and coconut ice cream                                                                                                    79.000


                   Home-made ice cream and sorbet collection                               59.000

            Kem : Va ni, Dừa; Cà phê, Mật ong, Nghệ, Sô cô la-Quế, Gia vị-Ca ra men, Sả-Gừng

The ice cream  : Vanilla, Coco, Coffee, Honey, Chocolate, Cassia, Caramel, Lemongrass-ginger              

            Kem thanh vị : Cam quýt, Chanh leo, Xoài, Chanh, Húng

The sorbet : Citrus, Passion, Mango, Lime, Basilic