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Farm Pork Four Ways

Ingredients:  Belly pork: 600g / Pigs' trotter: 200g / Farm Pork shoulder: 200g / Chopped shallots: 4 teaspoons / Chopped spring onion: 4 teaspoons / 5 spice powder: 2 teaspoons / Wild pepper: a little / Bitter cabbages: 2 / Lemongrass: 2 sticks / Onions: 2 / Caramel sauce: 6 teaspoons / Piper lolot leaf (la lot) / Salt, nuoc mam, a little of stock, butter, cinnamon power.


- Wash the belly pork, marinate with shallots, caramel, sauce, pepper, salt, nuoc mam and 5 spices for about 30 mins. Put in the oven for 3 hours at 180ºC.

- Wash the trotter then cut into pieces. Mariante with caramel sauce, wild pepper, nuoc mam and salt for about 20 mins. Add fried shallots and stock . Cook over a low fire until well done.

- Wash then cut 100g pork shoulder into slices, marinate with shallots, caramel sauce, salt, nuoc mam, spring onion and 5 spice powder. Split the large part of the lemongrass sticks in two. Insert a slice of pork shoulder. Then grill on charcoal.

- Mince 100g pork shoulder, marinate with shallots, caramel sauce, salt, nuoc mam and spring onion. Put the piper lolot leaf (la lot) and roll. Fry.

- Prick onion. Then place the pricked onion on silver paper with salt, pepper, cinnamon and butter and wrap. Put it in the oven at 170ºC for 3 hours.

- Sautee the bitter cabbages with fried garlic, salt and pepper.