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Roadsted Duck with Light Orange Sauce

Ingredients:  Duck fillet: 300g / Duck leg fillet: 2 pcs / Duck fat: 200g / Foie gras: 60g / Turnip: 1 / Oranges: 2 / Salt: 100g / Pepper: 1 teaspoon / Soya sauce: 3 tablespoons / Condensed soya sauce: 1 tablespoon /  Honey: 2 teaspoons / Corn starch: 2 teaspoons / Breadcumbs and Basil: a little.


- Marinate the duck fillet with orange juice, condensed soya sauce, salt, honey and pepper for about 30 mins.

- Roast marinated duck fillet (well cooked or rare, as you like).

- Marinate duck leg fillet with salt for about 6 mins. Wash then let drain.

- Cook duck leg well at 80ºC  in duck fat. Then dust with breadcrumbs and a little butter. Grill.

- Pan fry the foie gras.

- Cut the turnip into pieces. Cook well with soya sauce.

- Thinly slice the skin of the orange. Preserve in water, butter and honey. Keep for decoration.

- Make sauce with orange juice, honey, salt and nuoc mam. Mix the corn starch and water and add to the sauce when it starts to thicken.

- Decorate with basil.