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Grilled Lobsterwith fresh Vanilla from Phan Thiet

Ingredients:  Lobster: 2kg /  Butter: 200g /  Vanilla: 1 pool / Shallots: 2 / Turnip: 0,5 /  White wine: 100ml / Salt & pepper: a little / Soya sauce: 200ml.


- Remove meat from the lobster. Keep the shell, set aside. Season lobster with a little salt and pepper.

- Pan fry it.

- Cut turnip into slices and cook in soya sauce until tender.

Vanilla sauce:

- Chop shallots and put in a pot. Cook it in water with vanila, butter and wine.

- Split the vanilla stick in half then remove the seeds. Put the vanilla seeds in the pot. The vanilla stick will be used for decoration.

- Add salt and a little lemon juice.

- Fry the shell and lobster's head for decoration.