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Enoki Mushrooms in Soup with Blue River Prawn and Coriander

Ingredients : 

Blue river prawns (for blue prawns): 4 / Prawns: 4 / Lemon leaves: 8 / Enoki Mushrooms / Prawn stock: 1L / Red seaweed: 40g / Lemongrass heads: 6 / Young coconut: 1 / Nuoc mam : 2 tablespoons / Salt: 1teaspoon / Galangal: 1pc / Chilli: 1 / Tomato: 1 / Criander: 1 bunch / Pepper.

Preparation :

- Cut lemongrass heads, chilli, tomato, lemon leaves and galangal into slices.

- Sautee all above, ingredients then pour over the pawn stock. Bring to the boil. Season with salt and pepper.

- Wash blue river prawns, remove the black string. Poach the blue prawns in prawn stock. Split the large part of lemongrass stick in two. Put the blue prawns inside.

- Remove the shell and black strings from the other prawns. Dice then poach it in prawn stock.

- Poach the red seweed warm water for a few seconds. Drain.

- Wash the mushroom and poach.

- Pour the coconut juice into the prawn stock, scrape out the coconut meat.

- In a bowl, put the blue prawn, diced prawn, mushroom, red seaweed and scraped coconut. Pour over the prawn stock. Decorate with coriander leaves.