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'Verticale' Spring Rolls with Sword Fish

Ingredients : 

Banh cuon: Shallots: 2 / Chopped dried black mushrooms: 2 / Chopped fragrant mushrooms: 2 / Crab meat: 50g / Chopped onion : ¼ / Spring onion.

Spring rolls with shrimp: Grated green papaya: 100g / Grated carrot: 50g / Grated cucumber: 50g / Shrimps: 2.

Spring rolls with sword fish: Sword fish: 100g / Avocado: 50g / Spring onion.

To garnish: Salted dried shrimp, Chopped mint, Lemon juice, Chilli, Coriander, Flour, Curry powder, Salt, Pepper, Nuoc mam, Rice paper sheets.

Preparation :

- Banh cuon : 1) Fry shallots with chopped onion, fragrant mush-rooms, crab meat and dried black mushrooms. Add curry powder, salt, nuoc mam, pepper, spring onion. 2) Place mixture onto a steamed rice pancake and roll.

- Spring rolls with shrimp:  1) Cook the shrimp in water with a little salt. Remove the skins and the heads. 2) Mix the grated carrots, green papaya, cucumber with lemon juice, nuoc mam and seasoning. 3) Lay out two damp, soft sheet of rice paper, spoon on a shrimp, some marinated vegetables, some coriander, then fold and roll the rice paper tightly

- Spring rolls with sword fish: 1) Cut sword fish and avocado into slices. 2) Place fish on a rice paper sheet, them avocado and roll. 3) Tie up the two ends of the spring roll with blanched spring onion.

- Dipping sauce: Mix lemon juice, chilli, chopped garlic, sugar, a litlle nuoc mam and mineral water.

- Serve hot with roast shallots, salted dried shrimps and herbs.