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Salmon in 'Pho' broth, Fresh Anise and Lemongrass

Ingredients : 

Salmon fillet: 300g / Salmon bones: 1kg / "Pho" noodles: 200g / Ginger: 1 pc / Lemongrass: 1 stick / Shallots: 2 / Spring onions / Star anise / Coriander leaves: 2 bunches/ Lemon, chilli, nuoc mam, salt, pepper

Preparation :

Stock :

- Prepare a stock with the fish bones. Add the roasted shallots, ginger (plus skin), star anise and lemongrass.

- Let the stock simmer for 30 minutes, Season with nuoc mam and salt.

- Place in an ice-cream machine.

Noodles :

- Blanch the "pho" noodles, divide them between bowls.

- Put the salmon fillet in fridge store. Cut it into slices. Poach it in the stock and place the salmon on top of the noodles.

- Cut the green part of the spring onions and the coriander. Divide between the bowls.

- Pour over the stock while very hot. Add a little ginger and the chopped white part of the spring onions.

- Serve hot with chilli, lemon, pepper.