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Fruit 'Mille feuille' with Lemongrass Sorbet

Ingredients : Mille feuille (for 4):

Raspberries: 28 / Mangos: 2 / Passion fruit: 1 / Sugar: 20g / Black sesame: 20g / Mintleaves /

Lemongrass sorbet: Water: 1l / Sugar: 50g / Icing sugar: 100g / Stabilizer: 15g / Lemongrass powder: 50-100g /

Biscuit: 70g Flour / Orange juice: 125ml / Butter: 100g / Sugar: 250g

Preparation :

Lemongrass sorbet :

- Boil the water with sugar, icing sugar and stabilizer.

- Let cool, then add the lemongrass powder.

- Place in an ice-cream machine.

Biscuit :

- Melt the the butter in a bain-marie, then add-remaining ingredients and stir well.

- Spread on a baking sheet then put in the oven at 180°C for about 5 mins.

- Shape the biscuit into rectangles. Let cool.

Mille feuille :

- Cut the mango into slices (3 slices of mango and 7 raspberries per person).

- Place once mango slice, then 3 rasberries. Countinue finishing with 1 raspberry on top.

Sauce :

- Mix a little passion fruit juice with diced mango, sugar and chopped mint.

Decorate with black sesame seeds.